About Us

Once a group of creative people came together with a vision to continue a tradition of herbal repairing of skin, hair etc. and to bring that tradition forward. The herbal trend is rife with those who, through herb craft and small company herbal product manufacturing, encouraged a tradition of using plants in healing customs handed down through centuries and rooted in cultures around the world. This core group of experienced individuals with a common commitment to quality herbal products to meet the needs of people who prefer a natural, sustainable path to maintaining their personal health. Thus, Malamah Herbal Products was born.

Malamah Herbal Products is committed to creating products in consonance with nature. Some of the Valleys around the world are a rich landscape that abounds with small family farms throughout. Whenever possible, Malamah Herbal Products seeks ingredients from these local organic farms. Malamah Herbal Products is committed to it’s relationships with these growers that farm with respect for land, water, soil and the whole of the natural landscape that surrounds them. Our extracts are created from these herbs and botanicals in their most whole form. 

Made from the best available ingredients, Malamah Herbal Products creates extracts using traditional tincturing methods. Honed in small batches, each individual herb is aged until the peak of its potency, then blended into proven, reliable multiple herb formulas. The best of analytical science is attached to the most ancient of traditional wisdom to assure that all of the items made by Malamah Herbal Products® are wisely formulated, guaranteed and repeated.